Calibration furnace – Blackbody under gas

Standard equipment



  • Temperature: up to 2200°C
  • High temperature stability, easy to use
  • Use as a source of radiation



MODELS : KY24 and PY24

These equipments use a horizontal tubular resistor containing a black target fitted with a thermocouple.
An electronic temperature regulator with digital display ensures high temperature stability (1°C), essential for accurate measurements. The furnace and controller can be supplied separately.


MODELS : PY5 – PY15 – GY10

These equipments use a vertical tubular resistor.
The inside of the resistor forms the blackbody cavity. The temperature is measured by a thermocouple (PY5-PY15) or an optical pyrometer (GY10). The furnace and its control system can be supplied separately.


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