Four de brasage phase vapeur IBL VAC745-765

VAC 745/765

Vacuum Vapor Phase Machine


The VACSeries is an environmentally friendly and flexible soldering
system dedicated for highest quality soldering. The patented vacuum

chamber located in the process chamber ensur
es that highest solder
quality with a minimum amount and size of voids is possible.

Outstanding performance and quality results through the unique

technology applied in these machines. Regardless of the number of

layers in the board and high mix of compone
nts this machine can
handle the toughest applications with fantastic results. The Intelligent

Profiling System gives the user full control of temperature rise to reach

the best and desired soldering profiles. Together with the unique

patented Soft Vapour
Phase there is no fear of exceeding
mperature increase rates of components. Their outstanding low
energy consumption and exhaust air volume compared to other

soldering systems result in even lower running costs. Excellent heat

transfer in an inert oxygen free atmosphere without the need of costly

nitrogen. Two chamber system with a
large touch display makes this
machine user fr
iendly, easy to set up and use. Soldering is possible
regardless of assembly weight with the same profile.



Caractéristiques (Fr) Specifications (Eng)


1355 mm (53.35“)


2400 mm (94,49“)


1470 mm (57,87“)



Max. PCB size

635 x 444 x70mm (with vacuum)
25.00 x 17.48 x 2.76”

635 x 444 x 80mm (without vacuum)

25.00 x 17.48 x 3.15”

Max. load on single carrier

7 kg

Liquid agent filling

40 kg

Water connection

½” / 2,5 – 5 bar

Max. heating capacity

10,4 kW

Average power consumption

5,5 kW/h

Power supply

400 / 230 VAC, 50/60Hz

Main fuse

32A „gl“ or „C“

External vacuum module

910 x 550 x 650mm (35.83 x 21.65 x 25.59“); 119 kg (262.35 lbs)

Caractéristiques (Fr) Specifications (Eng)

Process extensions
• Infrared pre-heating

• Vapour descent

• Extended pcb cooling

• Patented Rapid Cooling System (RCS)

• Up to 3 additional temperature measurement channels

• Multi-Level Mode for rapid switching between different soldering heights

• Nitrogen flooting of the cooling and process chamber

Software extensions

• Online Temperature Recording Software (TRS) for data analysis and storage including alarm and event log

• Pilot mode, measurement channel for easy temperature-controlled soldering and setting up of profiles

• Various traceability extensions, for automated processes and tracking, ready for Industry 4.0

Hardware extensions

• Adapter for double sided boards

• Stainless steel grid

• Heavy Duty “HD” model for loads up to 14kg with stronger heating capabilities

• Exhaust system extensions

• 2nd Emergency Stop

• Signal light tower

• UPS – Uninterruptable Power Supply

• ReSy – a device for repair of QFPs and BGAs

• Expanded medium filter system including medium levelling and fast cooling system

• Noise protection for vacuum tower

• Chiller for inside or outside use with automatic standby control

Comfortable 15” TouchScreen
Integrated PC, allows permanent data collection and professional data management
Permanent data collection
Unlimited program memory with a large amount of sample programs
Network capable
Password protected operation levels
Energy management system
Heating power monitoring
Intelligent Profiling System (IPS) for highend thermal profile control
Automatic in and outlet of the Work Piece Carrier
Patented vibration and maintenance free transport system
Two chamber design and medium recovery results in a very low fluid consumption
Fluid level control and automatic filtering
Patented vacuum chamber inside of the process chamber
Controllable vacuum generation set up in steps, multi vacuum or linear mode
Integrated fans with global bottom cooling
Minimal maintenance and wear due to all moving parts mounted outside of the process chamber
Easy access to solder chamber for cleaning and maintenance purposes
Observation window into the solder chamber
Exhaust connection
Cool handling transport system in cool area

Four de brasage phase vapeur IBL VAC745-765


  • Void-free solder joints with highest quality
  • Inert atmosphere during the whole reflow and vacuum process
  • Wide variety of adjustable solder profiles
  • Low medium consumption due to 2-chamber design and medium recovery
  • Temperature recording and profiling with 4 integrated channels
  • Permanent data collection
  • Medium level check and automatic medium filtering
  • Integrated cooling fan
  • Automatic monitoring of vacuum process
  • Maintenance-free transport system (patented)

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